Residential Painting

J. Greene Painting has over a decade of experience with the incredibly diverse homes of Western Massachusetts and New England. We know their individual quirks, inside and out, and have long-established best practices for getting the most favorable results in dozens of different scenarios.


New Englanders know it’s not unusual to find a freshly-built home on the same street as one constructed in the 1800s. Exceptional materials are essential for every job, but the wide age range of local homes also needs the steady hand of a knowledgeable and experienced painting contractor for best results. We work with the newest, high-tech drywall all the way down to old school, horsehair plaster. Every residential paint job requires assessment and preparation before we get the final application just right.

From the first look to the last coat, we’ve got you covered.


In addition to the vast differences in the age of structures, local exteriors endure extremes in the elements. We make sure your home looks its best through the subzero punishment of New England winter through the baking heat of summer. Nowhere is preparation and repair more important than it is on a building’s exterior. That’s why we’re as skilled at power washing and gutter repair as we are at painting exteriors.

Whether it’s seen 1 winter or 100 we’ll make your home looks its best.